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TagAlong Beagles is located outside the small town of Rudolph, in Central Wisconsin and is owned by Jerry Peters. We have had beagles for sale and hunting beagles since I was a young boy. I have many years of experience and know what to look for in a good rabbit beagle and how to train them.

We try to breed and produce the best hunting beagles for sale. All our beagle puppies come from purebred AKC registered hunting beagles. We breed for healthy, intelligent beagle puppies with excellent temperament. Our puppies receive lots of one on one attention and are worked with as early as possible to be a good rabbit beagle along with a beloved family pet.

The TagAlong Beagle Kennel consists of 15 fenced in acres of great cover to further train are adult beagles and keep them in shape. We also have starter pens to get the beagle puppies started on rabbits as soon as possible.





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